About BD Mentoring

BD MENTORING is a nine month structured Mentoring Program connecting women professionals to our powerful CXO network. BD Mentoring has been designed to help women leaders navigate the complexities of their professional and personal lives and to grow holistically. With a growing numbers of distinguished leaders serving as mentors, and enthusiastic and committed women leaders as mentees, the program is in its 5th year and continues to make a valuable contribution to the professional development to our women leaders.

BD MENTORING 2017-18 offers:

  1. Minimum 4 mentoring sessions of one hour duration each with the Mentor
  2. 2 days Mentor and peer learning residential workshop
  3. 2 Coaching Sessions with a certified CXO Coach
  4. 3 Webinars with global CXO leaders and international speakers
  5. Graduation Ceremony to mark the successful completion of Mentoring Program
  6. Monthly mailers/newsletters/reading materials
  7. Opportunities to be featured & visibility in Biz Divas Blogs subscribed by 50K + subscribers
  8. Complimentary passes for I Inspire, our annual leadership conference
  9. A LIFE TIME Membership to Biz Divas Alumni of more than 2000 women leaders across the region