What’s in it for the mentees?

  • Mentees will get access to our leadership network that constitutes of Chairmen, Chief Executives and other senior leaders acting pro bono as Mentors.
  • They will go through a structured mentoring intervention to succeed at their professional goals.
  • They will be exposed to cross vertical and cross industry learnings.
  • They will have access to panel of experts, coaches and facilitators of calibre.
  • They will gain support and visibility on a public platform.
  • The mentees get the avenues to enhance their skills.
  • A lot of self-development is inherent in the program for the mentees.

What are we looking for in a Mentee?

  • A woman with professional experience anywhere between 10 to 15 years.
  • Can be one who run their own business, works in middle/middle-upper management in corporate space, or runs business associations, foundation or non-government organization.
  • High potential candidate who is able to create business and social impact.
  • Ready to take leadership role.
  • Self-motivated and committed.
  • Having values of Paying It Forward and helping fellow professionals.

How will we choose mentees?

  • Send a mail to¬†with brief resume and a photograph.
  • Individuals can nominate themselves or others.
  • The nominated candidates will be required to fill out a brief questionnaire.
  • The nominated mentees will be shortlisted by Panel of Experts designated by Biz Divas.
  • Shortlisted candidates will be invited for personal interviews.